Be In Touch With The Harmony Of Life!



The universe is full of music, and happy is the soul that can hear the symphonies of heaven; he can find no greater joy. Every soul that has been in tune with higher things is familiar with that deep pleasure that comes to mind when the sensations of sublime harmony sweetly thrill every fiber of being; and we can all so live that we can be in tune with the music of the spheres. When you learn how to place yourself in harmony with the music of life you may for hours at a time remain within the gates of everlasting joy, and you may enter into the very life of that sublime something which eye has not seen nor ear heard. It is then that you understand why the kingdom of heaven is within and why all souls that have found that inner life is radiant with joy. Here is happiness without measure, happiness that you may enjoy anywhere and at any time. No matter what your environments may be, enter into these lofty realms and you will be the happiest soul in the world.

~Christian D. Larson


Everything Worthy & Beautiful Comes Through Faith!




To him who has Faith all things are possible. Faith is that something in man that transcends every form of limitation and opens the mind to the limitless powers of the soul. It is faith that emancipates the person; it is faith that unfolds the unbounded greatness of the soul; it is faith that removes the veil of mystery and reveals to man that wonderful world, that limitless world, that divinely beautiful world that is within. Faith has been the hidden secret of the great souls in every age; faith has been the secret through which all miracles have been wrought; faith has been the secret through which the prophet gained his wisdom and his power; faith has been the secret through which the sons of glory gained their rare and wonderful genius; faith has been the secret through which everything high, everything worthy and everything beautiful has been given to the world.

~Christian D. Larson

Every Grief Takes You A Step Higher



“Every grief or difficulty means the time has come to go a step higher. A problem is not a barrier. It is a challenge. It is important to take the attitude that your spiritual promotion has presented itself in the guise of a problem and you are to take another step forward.” ~Emmet Fox