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Today’s Inspiration


Meaningful Monday-Why Some People Find It Difficult To Apologise


Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past.
~Tryon Edwards

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Today’s Inspiration


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Meaningful Monday- Getting Off The Playground Of Micromanaging Your Life


“Micromanagement is the destroyer of momentum.”
~Miles Anthony Smith

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Today’s Inspiration


Why Living In The Present Is So Important


Live in the present only, and seek to make the great eternal now as full and complete as possible. It is what we do for the present that counts; the past is gone, and the future is not ready to be acted upon. Give your time, your talent and your power to that which is now at hand and you will do things worthwhile, you will not waste thought upon what you expect to do, but you will turn all your energies upon that which you now can do; results will positively follow. The man who does things worthwhile in the present will not have to worry about the future; for such a man the future has rich rewards in abundance. The greater the present cause the greater the future effect. Nine-tenths of the worries in the average life are simply about the future; all of these will be eliminated when we learn to live in the present only.

~Christian D. Larson