Today’s Inspiration

Today’s Inspiration


You Can Grow Old At 30. You Can Be Young at 90. It’s Up To You!


You are only as old as your mind. Every function, every activity of your body, is controlled by your mind. Your vital organs, your blood that sends the material for rebuilding to every cell and tissue, the processes of elimination that remove all the broken down and waste material, all are dependent for their functioning upon the energy derived from your mind. The human body can be compared to an electric transportation system. When the dynamo runs at full power every car speeds along, and everything is handled with precision. But let the dynamo slow down and the whole system lags. That dynamo is your mind, and your thoughts provide the energy that runs it. Feed it thoughts of health and vigor and your whole system will reflect energy and vitality. Feed it thoughts of decrepitude and age, and you will find it slowing down to the halting pace you set for it. You can grow old at 30. You can be young at 90. It is up to you. Which do you choose? If you choose youth, then start this minute renewing your youth. Find a picture — or, better still, a statuette — of the man you would like to be, the form you would like to have. Keep it in your room. When you go to bed at night, visualize it in your mind’s eye — hold it in your thought as YOU — as the man YOU ARE GOING TO BE!

~Robert Collier

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Today’s Inspiration


Meaningful Monday-How Are You Feeding Your Spirit?


“If you imagine less, less will be what you undoubtedly deserve.” ~Debbie Millman


How do you feed your spirit? If you’re uncertain about how to answer this question or not sure how to feed your spirit. Try asking yourself some simple question.

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While I was at the gym this morning I started thinking about what I am Thankful for this week!! I came up with a myriad of things and realized how very lucky I am. Then that also became something to be thankful for ! How Lucky I Am My in-laws. On Sunday Paul and I […]

via Thankful Thursday: 2/16 — Making Time For Me

Today’s Inspiration


Meaningful Monday-Creating A Balanced Mind, Body and Spirit



“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.”
~Stephen Richards

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Phenomenal Friday-Move For Success, Move For Good Health, Move For You!



“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life transform and be healthy.” ~Bella Bleue 

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