Trusting Your Instincts

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Being discontented doesn’t always mean you’re not satisfied with your life, or that you’re greedy for  MORE.  It’s a feeling of dissatisfaction for something or  someone.   If you are feeling discontent about something, someone or a situation in your life. It means you’re connected, on some level, with your deepest and true desires . You are connected enough to know you’ve been thrown off course and to quote Ms. Clavel, “something is not right!” You may not be able to pin point exactly what is wrong. But the instinctive is there. The more open you are to seeking peace of mind by removing unnecessary stress from your life and following your instinct, the more contented your life will be.

But when that feeling of discontent presents itself, there are measures you can take to combat those feelings.

Write, or talk to someone…
You know by now I’m a huge advocated of journaling. Sit down with pen and paper, and WRITE. Don’t think about it, write whatever comes to your mind, no matter how random or senseless it seem. Just write. Writing provides a direct link to your deepest thoughts.

Besides Journaling, talking is always good, find someone you can trust and can openly express yourself to. The more you speak about a situation, the more clarity you are going to receive about that situation. But don’t get confused and allow other’s opinion or agenda to interfere with your personal discovery. How do you do this? If the person you’re talking to spends more time talking back or interrupting what you’re trying to relate, then they’re not the right person to be speaking too. Remember you’re not really speaking to get their opinion, they’re suppose to be your support system.

Be kind to yourself.
Keep your thoughts, attitude and actions kind. I can’t express this enough, do something for you! Watch your favourite movie in your comfort clothes, read a great book. I’m pushing myself to take up running or power walking. Don’t let discontentment leave you in a lurch. Be KIND to yourself.

You’re not crazy or ungrateful, or alone…… You WILL get past this. It may take time to move past it all and regain your place of happiness and contentment, all minor or major life change begin with simple steps.

Your turn, if this post resonates with you, drop your comments below!

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Take-Care-Of -Yourself

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I Am Open To The Blessing Of Change!

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“Change is the law of growth, and growth is the law of life. Without change, there can be no growth. There is no greater mistake than to be afraid of change, and yet many intelligent people dread it and cling to what is customary and familiar. Welcome every change that comes into phase of your life.”   ~Emmet Fox

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Phenomenal Friday-Making Memorable Moments


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Tomorrow the world will be watching another Royal Wedding as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot. Love’em or hate’em The British Royals are one of the most popular Monarchies in the modern world. I can still remember popular royal weddings, Princess Diana and Prince Charle’s wedding, William and Kate’s. What makes this one different among the obvious is that I’m in the same time zone and though I won’t be camping out on the streets of London, I will be watching in real time in the comfort of my living room.

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Meaningful Monday-How I Eased The Frustration and Anxiety In My Life.


This past week I’ve been so frustrated with anxiety bubbling up inside me like a volcano ready to erupt. The cause of all this frustration and anxiety? Honestly, I don’t know. It could be the fact that Christmas is what? 15 days away. Maybe it’s the fact that this month is the anniversary of my grandmother’s death. It could also be that we’re nearing the end of the year with a new and uncertain one is about to begin.

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