The Best Reasons To Follow Your Path


By walking on the right path, you create a golden fate for yourself and you also become a silver lining for the others!”
~Mehmet Murat ildan

Everyone has a path and the hardest thing to do is to follow your path. It’s difficult because so many people don’t believe in their own judgement. They quickly jump to the commands of others, yet deep down inside they are scared to death of taking that first step. I can tell you this. If it feels right, listen. Listen to yourself, listen to that little voice deep inside that’s saying, “go for it!” You may not know where the path leads to yet but if it evokes a sense of freedom, excitement and happiness. Go for it.

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Cleaning Your Slate In 2020

cleaning -your -slate -in -2020

Clean your slate ~ No more left-overs! Refuse to let the disappointments, mistakes, setbacks or failures of yesterday rob you of the opportunities, breakthroughs and open doors that are waiting for you today.

Make failure an open door to a new future. Learn from the experience. Reassess your strategy. Change your approach. Plunge ahead with fresh energy, bold enthusiasm and a new game plan. Hold a spirit of optimism and positive expectation that things will work out for you. Continue to move forward ~ coming back again and again. Your destiny is waiting just ahead for you. Discover the brilliance of you! You have GREATNESS within you!
~Les Brown.