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Calling All Photographers: Here’s A Great Opportunity To Be Published



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Wonderful Wednesday- The Power Of Creative Thinking

The Power Of Creative Thinking
Oil on Linen by DT Gaitor

“Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.” ~ Yo-Yo Ma

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Think Pink

Out an' About

Don’t you love those sunsets that make the sky look like a palette of ever changing colors?  Like Mother Nature hasn’t quite made up her mind yet whether her brush-strokes should be orange, golden or pink.


I love this time of the year. It’s spring here in Melbourne, the days are getting longer and it’s a perfect time to share

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How to Network Your Blog: 7/20/16

How to Make Monday Better

Meet and Greet @ Dream Big: 6/11/16

Share your links on Danny’s weekender Meet & Greet!

Meet and Greet @ Dream Big: 5/28/16

Here’s another meet & greet. Be sure to pop over to Danny’s blog and leave your links!

Summery Blog Party Live Link…Come on in!😊🙌🎡🎶🎼🍭🍕🍡

Make sure pop over to Jacqueline’s blog and leave your links  😉

a cooking pot and twisted tales


Come on in, let’s get this party started. You are most welcome.

Do make yourself comfortable.

Refreshments are nicely arranged down the page: Drinks, Chocolates, Cakes, Donuts, freshly squeezed juice, Coffee, Tea and so much more. :-)

We even have an Intercontinental Chef in the house, just place your orders😉The little rules of play:

  1. You must mix and mingle with others. Don’t be a wallflower. Go say hello to someone and you can participate in the Tag a poem/story below, spot the difference, riddle and do tell us where you are partying from 🙂
  2.  Please leave your blog link or post link in the comment box below along with an introduction.
  3. It’s one link per comment, but come back as often as you’d like, that way it’s easier to focus on a link at a time for others.
  4. Please reblog, spread the word of the party like butter, or like…

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