12 Day Mindful Meditation – Day 16

WELCOME TO DAY 16! 🏵 I feel nothing but gratitude for you as we continue on this Journey………

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” -Meister Eckhart

Today is all about gratitude! With less than a week left together! It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey Day 2, Day 10, Day 16 – keep it going! The benefits are incredible. This is more than an abundance journey it is one of growth and reflection. One of mindfulness and forgiveness.

All of which we are finding out is the key to our unlimited abundancy. In these last few days of the challenge more space is given for personal reflection as we continue the practice of self-inquiry.

Each day we are looking inward, to reflect on the energy we all share, the abundance of thoughtfulness, care and love we each can experience in these exercises – take a moment to reflect on that, we are all doing this together, you are never alone. ❣️


📘 Write this phrase of the day in your notebook and reflect on it throughout the day. “Today I remember to be grateful.”


This is the Sanskrit Mantra you will repeat during meditation: Om Vardhanam Nama



Make a list of all the things that you have always wanted to do but have postponed, at least until now.

This could be because of other priorities, the fear of hurting someone, or the fear of failing. Regardless of the reason, these are things that you still plan on doing.

The idea of writing this list is to forgive yourself for everything that you have not done in your life.👉For each line on your list, write a text of forgiveness based on examples below:

❣️I, full name, forgive myself absolutely and lovingly for… not graduating from university.

❣️I, full name, forgive myself absolutely and lovingly… that I did not show my vulnerability.

✨Write down anything and everything you want, without limitation. Remember the Universe is limitless and that which you are seeking is also seeking you.

Congratulations- Week 2 Done!

I began this journey last year with lots of self-doubt, excuses and hesitation but ended it with Gratitude, Abundance and Growth. I’m doing it all over again for pretty much the same reasons I did last year, my spirit at the time needed it!

As you complete this second and final week of your journey to Growth, Gratitude, and Abundance, be mindful of not only why you started this journey but also of what kept you going! You have waded through the distractions, you have ignored that inner voice of doubt that said, “I don’t have enough time to do this!” We go through life trying to race to one finish line after the next, racing from work to get home, racing around the home to get chores done, and racing the clock to do it all before bedtime.

Don’t add this to your list. Remember this is not a race!

My blog is always open to allow anyone who wants to come back to it to finish the 21 Day Journey. Honour your feelings, always do what you feel is best for you without judgment to self!❣️

💫 Namaste

21 Day Mindful Meditation- Day 9

WELCOME TO DAY 9! 💥 This is the lightest of all days, I do hope you enjoy this day and it brings you closer to self!

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for. ~ Zig Zigler

I strongly believe in “each one, reach one,” approach to life. I’m grateful to everyone how have touched my life in one way or another through random acts of kindness. I have received an invite to 21 Days of Abundance from an acquaintance of mine, I’m also grateful to the person who passed it on to her because of this, I’m now able to pass on to so many others.

It is incredible to see how s decision made by another can have such an impacted on the lives of so many.

As WE venture deeper into our journey of abundance consciousness, I’ve found a newfound appreciation for the possibility and wealth of the “WE” factor. Look at what “WE” have accomplished! The energy that is activated with accountability, collaboration, and faith-in-action makes us wealthy.

Enjoy this light day of deep self-reflection, and know you never need to go it alone. As always, I am here for you. We are here for each other. We are on this journey together. Even in self-isolation, we are all connected.


“Today and every day, I give that which I want to receive.”

✍️Write this phrase of the day in your notebook and reflect on it throughout the day.

This is the Sanskrit Mantra you will repeat during meditation: Om Vardanam Nama


In your notebook, write 5 of your shortcomings / “flaws” that limit you; this is, the traits that do not allow you to receive what you want materially, or in any areas of abundance. Don’t be afraid to face your flaws, it’s often easier to see the flaws in others than in ourselves.

Do not write only from the mind, but rather from the heart. Acknowledge what these flaws are.


12 Day Mindful Meditation – Day 4

Welcome to DAY 4! 🤗

I believe in a bit of routine because an unstructured day can get away from you. Although one needs to have some free time to schedule mental and spiritual health, along with physical exercise.

Everyone has something different going on with their daily. A lot of you had to change your daily routines of what you considered normal before the quarantine. Whatever you are considering routine these days, remember to take time for yourself.

I have told many people that you need to take care of yourself first and that is not selfish. If you are not mentally, emotionally and physically okay, how are you supposed to take care of others without causing harm to yourself?

Many of you have found creative ways to get yourself through quarantine- baking, exercising, art, writing, etc. We have found time to do those things and we have found time to do these exercises. It might not be in the morning but we somehow get it done with all our other responsibilities.

Remember this is not a race and this is at your pace. Remember to breathe.

That is one of the gifts that this meditation has given me.




Even after so many years of meditating, as I mentioned before, my mind still wanders when doing these meditations. It is just part of the human experience. I say the mantras over and over concentrating on the meanings. Sometimes I speak it quietly, while other times I think it. I hope that helps you if you find your mind wandering.

I hope, for whatever reason you are here that you are finding strength, hope, some peace in the practice.


Write this phrase of the day in your notebook and reflect on it throughout the day.“ From this moment forward, I invite unlimited abundance into my life.”



This is the Mantra you will repeat during meditation: “Aham Bramasmi”


Make a list of people whom you consider to be prosperous in your family or your environment.

These are people you personally know and have access to. They may have achieved their goals in life, all or in part, are happy and filled with joy, or are perceived by you as such.

IMPORTANT! We are not talking only about financial prosperity; the required component is the joy, the happiness, that this person is experiencing! These can be people from the previous list that you have compiled. How long your list is, does not matter! Even two is enough. They should reflect for you what it looks like to live a life of abundance and prosperity. This can have varied iterations.

Please remember, the more attention and reflection you give to these simple tasks, the greater the return.


✍️Write the answers to the questions below in your notebook or simply answer them to yourself:

✅QUESTION 1: What does it mean to you to be immersed in pure consciousness?

✅QUESTION 2: How can you bring this awareness into your everyday life?

✅QUESTION 3: How has the practice of meditation helped you connect with your pure consciousness?

21 Day Mindful Meditation- Day 3

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Welcome to DAY 3! 🥰 Congratulate yourself for sticking with it!

I hope that you are finding a sense of grounding and gratitude in these practices. I can honestly say that for me, this has re-confirmed my beliefs and reminded me about everyday gratitude.

That we live in a world of abundance and humanity, it is up to us to make that a part of our reality. From the simplest of gratuity for the air I breathe, for the love and support of people in my life and the infinite possibilities that the universe offers.

I trust that you have joined this 21-day challenge for a reason. What a lovely gift you are giving yourself!

I start each morning with the mediation and the practice, set my intention for the day and take a moment to center myself for the work ahead.

Throughout the day, I come back to the Phrase of the Day, look at my manifestation book (like a vision board) and remind myself of my ultimate goals. It really does help release the control that one grasps in certain moments and to allow oneself to go to with the flow.

I invite you to have fun with today’s task!
Take this opportunity to be light, be silly, let loose your inner child. Have a blessed day!❣️

✨✨DAY 3✨✨


Write this phrase of the day in your notebook and reflect on it throughout the day. “Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life.”


This is the Mantra you will repeat during meditation: “Sat Chit Ananda”



Draw notes, checks, stocks, bonds, coins, and any other means of payment in your beautiful notebook – to pay off all the debts and expenses you wrote down yesterday.

Just go crazy doing what makes you comfortable!!

You have complete freedom to create and draw a solution; whatever that means to you.We use this drawing exercise in order to make it possible to pay for everything you need in the universe!

Use your imagination, your creativity, and felt-tip pens, pencils or paints, etc. Get playful!

You can draw bills💴💴, coins, wads of money💵, bags of money💰💰, rain of money💶💷💶💷 – whatever you dream up! There are no limitations!! Draw what true abundance looks and feels like to you. Your personal visions sketched out.

It does not have to be literal. Remember, this is not about a perfect drawing, but about allowing yourself to create your reality and let it manifest into your life.

While you are busy designing and colouring, feel the satisfaction of creating a balance between debts and expenses and the means of payment that you create – as if it were a real payment of your expenses and debts.

How will you bring your gifts? What are your dreams?

Have fun creating your image of Abundance and may your heart overflow!

21 Day Mindful Meditation- Day 2

Day 2! 💵 Welcome back!!

Know that everything is designed for a particular purpose – each phrase, mantra, meditation, and task was carefully curated.

When you see the task of the day, try not to judge it.

Ask yourself to be curious.

What will this task reveal to me? If I feel resistance, why?

Why might this be triggering me?

What can I learn through the experience?

There is so much value in reflecting on your reactions and answers.

Remember to be kind to yourself!

Some tasks will seem “easy” and you will want to do them quickly; others — not so much.

Trust the process and go with it! The outcome of the 21-day journey will be profound if you do. Stay with it! May the energy of abundance of this wonderful group continue to grow and fill us all!

✨✨DAY 2✨✨

PHRASE OF THE DAY Write this phrase of the day in your notebook and reflect on it throughout the day.

“I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.”


This is the Mantra you will repeat during meditation: “Aham Brahmasmi”



Again, it will seem simple to some people, yet not to others. Remember that if it is difficult for you to perform any task, then it is clear that there is a block – an obstacle in your mind on the path towards attaining abundance.

Be aware of this and STICK with it!

1) Please write all of your debts in your notebook: debt on a bank account, credit cards, loans, debts to individuals, court debts – all of your debts, of any kind. No need to record the amount, only to whom and for what.

For example: a mortgage, a car loan, a debt to VISA for a gift to Joey, etc.

2) After that, make a list of all your monthly payments.

Again, without numbers, just listing.

For example: renting an apartment, electricity, gas, land tax, water, an accountant, a school payment, a music tutor, a gym membership, a manicure, insurance, a massage, gasoline, etc.

Everything you have to pay each month should be recorded.

In general, create a complete list of all of your monthly expenses, both constant and changing.

For some, this list will be extensive.

Give yourself time to calmly walk through all the areas of your life in which you pay money.

You may need to add what you remember even throughout the day.

Do your best.

3) Answer the question, “What does abundance mean to you?” Write any thoughts in your notebook.

Connecting With Our Emotions

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
~Oscar Wilde

I have always been able to keep my emotions in check, I dislike crying because it gives me a headache, I especially don’t like that sullen feeling of sadness because it bruises the soul and hangs like a dark cloud overhead. You don’t know if the rain of tears is going to flow to a trickle or if there’ll be a thunderstorm. Unless you can claw yourself free from its temporary state of despair,  emotions can sometimes paralyze, trapping us in a vacuum of fear and doubt.  I can honestly say that for me, they make no sense because our emotions never do what we want them to do.  We try to suppress the tears but they come anyway. We try to suppress the love, grief, heartache but they still manage to express themselves even when you don’t want them to thus we are all slaves to our emotions.

This has not been an easy week, but there haven’t been many easy weeks since Cancer entered our lives back in February, it’s not the first time someone close to me has had to battle the disease but it still leaves me in a tailspin because it’s never easy seeing someone you love suffer through the treatments of the disease and dear I say, it’s not fair on either side. Not fair for the sufferer or the family having to watch it all unfold. This time it really feels like the straw that’s breaking the camel’s back. Most days it’s a struggle to keep my emotions in check as it has become an uphill battle of trying to maintain a work/ life balance and trying to keep up the appearances that all is well while my emotions are boiling just underneath trying to claw themselves out. What I’ve learned in these past few months is that even if you know what to do to keep yourself going, there are moments when the mind and body become so overwhelmed that everything we know that’s good for us, go out the window then everything starts to shut down and our emotions take over. A few times I’ve found myself overflowing in joy, gratitude, sorrow, sadness, love, fear, anger during the most inconvenient! Bu through it all I’m grateful.

Why do we need emotions that leaves us so vulnerable and raw? I come to the harsh reality that our emotions may not always make sense but they’re necessary and that they help us in ways we don’t always understand.  They help us to survive by forcing us to take action in situations that would otherwise pose a danger to our well-being. Emotions also work to help us understand those around us and help them understand us. They can’t be reasoned with, they won’t submit to logic and they our emotions are what makes us human, all we can do it rationalise our situation and determined the best response for the situation or situations we’re faced with.


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Recognising Your Self-Worth and Value

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“Your worth is determined by you, not the judgmental measuring cups of a fickle world.”
Katie St. Claire

Self-love and Self-care have both become quite popular in the circles of Self- Help. Not to be neglected, two words that are often used interchangeable to describe how we feel about ourselves, are  Self-worth and Self-value, they reflect how we look at our worth and how much we value ourselves.  To have Self-worth  means to value one’s self. Self-value is a behavioural response to how worthy you think you are. There’s not a huge difference between their meaning and they can both be used to generalize the concept of  how we see our selves and how we project ourselves to others.  People who often know a person’s worth tend to use it to their advantage, by exploiting that person’s abilities.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exists but rarely would you will find someone, whether it’s an employer, a partner or family who will value your self-worth and honor you for that.  If you do find people who hold you to the highest esteem, cherish them.


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