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Phenomenal Friday-Don’t Be Deluded By Perfection, Forgiveness Takes Time!


To forgive is to set a prisoner free and to realise the prisoner was you. ~Lewis B. Smedes

I have forgiven not because I wanted to amend relationships but rather to free myself from the seething that burned my heart each time I reflected on that person that needed forgiving or the thing I needed to forgive myself for. However! I’m not Saint worthy, those forgiveness is in my heart, there are still a few underlying things the soul refuses to let go. Has it made me bitter? Nope! But it has made me cautious and more aware of my short falls.

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Today’s Inspiration

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Meaningful Monday-How Toxic Are You?



Release and detach from every person, every circumstance, every condition, and every situation that no longer serves a divine purpose in your life. All things have a season, and all seasons must come to an end. Choose a new season, filled with purposeful thoughts and activities.
~Iyanla Vanzant

We are all the same. We all have a degree of toxicity in us, I believe in chemistry between people, whether in a personal relationship, professional ones or intimate relations; you may be a great influence for certain people but toxic to someone else.  Just as you may not add value to the lives of some people, there are people who add value to your life and there are those who don’t.

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Wonderful Wednesday-What Are You Lacking The Courage To Do?



Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.
~Anais Nin

There was a young man walking down the street and happened to see an old man sitting on his porch. Next to the old man was his dog, who was whining and whimpering. The young man asked the old man “What’s wrong with your dog” The old man said, “He’s laying on a nail”. The young man asked, “Laying on a nail?, Well why doesn’t he get up?” The old man then replied, “It’s not hurting bad enough.” Les Brown, Live Your Dreams.

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Wonderful Wednesday-Don’t Trade Long-Term Satisfaction For short-term Acceptance



Every office has their cliques and while joining cliques at work may seem to be the best for fitting in being a member of the office political party may serve short-term satisfaction, know that the best workers and the ones who get head are usually those who can empathize with others and can get ahead on their own merit. I’ve never been the one so starved for attention to jump on the bandwagon of office politics.

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Phenomenal Friday- The Happiness Alphabet.



This is my submission to Debbie’s Forgiving Friday  series, where she writes about and invite others to share their thoughts on  Forgiveness, Self-Love and Personal Growth.

Don’t forget to pause, appreciate and give yourself much  deserved credit for how far you’ve come. The most powerful mechanism against daily stress is free will, the will to choose one thought over another.  I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite words, they help me to focus inward whenever I need clarity in chaos or calm in when life gets stormy, they remind me that time is best spent focusing on the positive and not sitting too long despairing on the negative.

“There is another alphabet, whispering from every leaf, singing from every river, shimmering from every sky.”      ~ Dejan Stojanovic

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