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Possessing Perfect Harmony


To live the good life, the ideal life, the beautiful life, we must be at peace with all things, including ourselves, and every thought, word and deed must be harmonious. Whatever we wish to do or be it is wisdom to make any sacrifice necessary for the sake of harmony, although that which we sacrifice for the sake of harmony is not a sacrifice. When we enter into harmony we will regain everything that we were willing to lose in order that we might possess harmony.   ~Christian D. Larson

Producing Mental Harmony


To produce mental harmony we must first bear in mind the great fact that it is not what happens that disturbs us, but the way we think about that which happens; and our thought about anything depends upon our point of view. The way we look at things will determine whether the experience will produce discord or harmony, and it is in our power to look at things in any way that we may desire. When we are face to face with those things that usually upset the mind we should immediately turn our attention upon the life and the power that is back of the disturbing element, having the desire to find the better side of that life and power constantly in view.  ~Christain D. Larson

Today’s Inspiration


Today’s Inspiration!

A Change in Perspective – Living in the Present Moment

Break out your comfort zone!

“It is not impossible to live your dream. Simply walk out your comfort zone and open yourself into new life.”

PaRt TimE YoGini

I was reading blogs and I came up with an interesting one by Renegade Press. It is mentioned in the article “Suicide Season” that whether we are prone to “commit emotional suicide” rather than stepping outside our comfort zone and following our dreams”

Staying in the comfort zone is the easiest thing to do. You stay in control with less anxiety, less stress. No changes, no surprises; we know what to happen. We can foresee most of the possibilities. We don’t need to adapt to new environment. We don’t need to understand people around us. We are already aware of their likes and dislikes. We have learned their habits. We have a dry cleaner, a good grocery, the best coffee shop in town. It is really secure to stay there rather than following our dreams. There is almost nothing new to learn. Routines are already present. It is…

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