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Today’s Inspiration

Today’s Inspiration

Today’s Inspiration

Today’s Inspiration

21 Day Mindful Meditation- Day 21


👏 You did it!

Thank you, for making this such a fantastic journey!

For anyone who may be a few days behind, keep going. It is so worth it, we’re all cheering for you!

For those who are now completing this journey, you have created an abundance practice in self-discipline, investigation, and breaking through. I can only hope that you have found it as rewarding as I have. It’s been truly a remarkable journey, I have no regrets. 🌈

Whether you have started and had to take a break or are now completing your final day, I feel nothing but gratitude to all of you for accepting the call to join me on this journey. It’s been a wonderful experience and an honor to lead you in this practice of meditation, I hope that wisdom and inspiration were gained each day. May this experience continue to impact you positively in not only noticing, but also attracting abundance and prosperity throughout 2021 and beyond.

This is your final day, listen to meditation as many times as you wish before completing the task. Remember my blog is always accessible, if you’re led to, you can return at any time to either, begin, continue or to simply do a refresher. There are some days I’ve revisited simply because they resonated so much with me that I just had to experience it again. 🙌

Now let’s begin! 🥰


Write this phrase of the day in your notebook and reflect on it throughout the day: “Every moment of every day I live my life abundantly.”


This is the Sanskrit Mantra you will repeat during meditation: So Hum



Are you familiar with the seven “switches” of happiness?

-Give to your neighbor

-Transmit (love & light)

-Let go (of things that do not serve you)

-Indulge (live life to the fullest)

-Give thanks

-Give yourself (be of service)

-ForgiveWhen these seven become part of your life, happiness will flow into it simply and easily.

Everything is energy and its flow must be circular and continuous in order to return abundance to you. This is how the law of reciprocity works. Energy current Influx/ Flow Money/Abundance.

🌈 Keep your channels open so that your energy can flow unhindered. Remember to stay present. Your future is in your hands; you make choices and decisions every day, like how you use your time, with whom you spend it, and how you feel at every moment, all of which determines the outcomes of your life.

✨✨ TASK ✨✨

Share with us in the comment section your experience of journeying through these 21 days of plentiful abundance.

– Tell us where in the world you are.

– Yesterday you reflected on your journey up until this point. What were your results? What did you learn/gain from this experience?

– Did you like participating in this journey and moving towards abundance?

– And if you’re led to, please tell us what you do in life, what service you offer, and what ideas you have for the future. You can also share you blog links so that people may find you!

💫Perhaps you will meet like-minded people here, partners, or people interested in what you have to offer🥰 Remember that brevity is the soul of wit!

🤝Thank you, everyone, for your participation, presence, and the energy invested in this journey; it has been a privilege and a joy to share this information with you.

With Love and Light 💕💥So Hum 💥So Hum*


Thanks to everyone who continue to leave their tracks on my blog.

Extraordinary People And The Lives They Touch!

It’s been a few months since I’ve done any blogging, in those months I reflected on whether or not I should keep my blog going.  I’m now working from home, having both daughters at home during that time after all Universities here went from Face2Face to online studies didn’t help much because when I wasn’t working a huge chunk of my time was spent, proofing, editing and assisting them in research, which left very little time to do anything else. The WordPress upgrade didn’t help much either because it meant having to work my way through learning the new set up. The initial purpose of this blog was to help motivate me to write more, however, in the past few years, I haven’t written much, except for my books, which I’m still plodding through, and a few bits of poetry, here and there. But over the years my blog grew into something beyond being a motivational tool into a space where others also found motivation, inspiration and reflection as more and more people started following my blog, many of whom have reached out to me at some point to say how much they enjoy my blog. I appreciate you!!

Clearing out my inbox and going through a few of those emails made me realize that this blog was not just about me. It’s also about the people who take time out of their day to read what I have to say and hopefully what you read resonates you in someway. So many times we go through life without a second thought about anything or anyone who are not in front of us, we ignore the unseen and at times forget that the world exists outside of the bubble we’ve created for ourselves. During the busyness of the past few weeks, I was reminded that the people who cross our paths, whether virtually or real life are by their own rights, extraordinary. Those extraordinary people can do and say extraordinary things that can have a drastic effect not only on their own lives but also the lives of those they’ve touched.  To anyone reading this right now, you are extraordinary and I appreciate you! I may drop off the radar now and then but I am still here, reading your blogs and your comments.


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Today’s Inspiration