Building Resilience

The world is not interested in the difficulties you face. You must learn to pursue excellence and show remarkable resilience no matter the circumstances.”
~Germany Kent

How Resilient are you? We associate resilience with being able to consistently cope with hardships, pushing ourselves to the limit without a physical or emotional breakdown. In truth, resilience is the ability to recover quickly from hardships or stress. It’s not about pushing yourself and pushing yourself, it’s not about a test of strength. It’s about our ability to adjust and preserve ourselves while still having the emotional capacity to function, it’s not about stamina. 

Resilience doesn’t ease the pressures of life’s difficulties, it allows us to understand the setbacks, make the necessary adjustments to deal with those setbacks, and reevaluate our next move. We build resilience through trial and error and by constantly evolving. Once you understand what works and what doesn’t work for you, it becomes easier to pick up the pieces when things fall apart. Resilient people create a coping mechanism that helps them deal with a crisis more effectively.

4 Ways you can build Resilience

1. Manage Stress Trigger- This can be difficult especially when the unexpected happens. Learning to manage stress will help you become more resilient, allowing you to mentally bounce back after going through difficult, sometimes, life-changing situations. 

2.  Take Action-learn to deal with your problems instead of waiting for them to magically disappear. Work on resolving issues before they escalate into something so overwhelming it sends you into a tailspin. Pause, Reflect,  Take Action!

3.  Challenge Yourself- A sharp mind leads to a resilient mind. Learn a new skill, remain focus on your goals. It’s not about how long you can stay in the race but rather how well you run your race. Life is about learning and you’re never too old to learn something new.  We all have our own timelines, while someone may be finishing their race, yours may have just begun. Remember you don’t have to race to the finish line, make the necessary adjustments to achieve your goals, without sacrificing yourself in the process.

4. Self-Confidence- If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will!! The most important part of building resilience is self-confidence. How can you cope with what life throws at you if you don’t believe in your own ability to overcome? Self- Confidence is not about being boastful, it’s about being able to respond and deal with a crisis. For every positive thought, there are dozens of negative thoughts that overshadow those positive tones recognize the difference, replace the negative with the positive.  

Pinned Message: You never know how strong you are, until being strong is all your only choice! Resilience is not something that’s built overnight, it takes time and effort. Life can sometimes be a struggle for all of us and sometimes our coping mechanism may take a while to kick in but don’t be discouraged if you find yourself struggling. I think this past year has made us all more resilient, you just have to stay in that zone of evolution.

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©Etta  D. Richards

How To Deal With Disappointments

“Disappointment is a blessing. If you were never disappointed, you’d never know what was important to you.”
― Kamand Kojouri

Unless you live in a vacuum or totally off-grid without human contact, people will disappoint you. Our days flow according to our expectations and so does our disappointments. Time has always been a commodity, the more things you have to do the less time you seem to have and people now more than ever guard their time jealously. While there’s not much you can do about people disappointing you, you can do something about how quickly you bounce back. It’s hard when someone disappoints you, whether it’s a trusted friend or colleague tossing you under the bus and hitting reverse speed, a dinner date cancelling last minute or family members who you thought would always have your back suddenly not there when you need them most. Life is filled with disappointments and you have a choice in your reaction to those disappointments.

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Every Stage Of Life Demands A New You!

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.


Sometimes life breaks us, sometimes it bends us as every stage of your life requires a different you. The person you were yesterday is not the same person you are today or the person you will be tomorrow because something is going to happen that will require a different you. It could be a new job, marriage, becoming a parent, it could be being diagnosed with some life threatening disease or a bad break.  Change is inevitable, we can’t stop it. Life happens to all of us and when it does our lives are forever changed, it forces us to shift our way of thinking, our way of life. For me, this has never been more evident than now. I think, no, I know, I have changed more in the past few months than I have in the past year. I never expected my life to change to drastic, if there was a choice, it would’ve been a definite NO for me. This year demanded drastic shift,  a new me! This was not optional and it came without warning. But that’s life!

The difficult part is, when life demands a new us, there are people around us who are still expecting us to remain the same. Never compromise your peace for the sake of keeping a relationship that doesn’t support you! The whole point of your transformation is for you to prepare you for whatever life has thrown your way. There’s no time to comprise your values to accommodate those people who can’t accept the new you. Trust that life will bring people to you that will accept, and appreciate the new you, support  you during your time of struggle, and  celebrate you during your time of achievements.  Understand that pain is temporary but the  change is permanent, until you’ve come to the next stage that requires a new you because on this journey we’re in a continuous cycle of growing, becoming better and wiser. 


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21 Day Mindful Meditation -Day 0


Thank you so much for joining me on this journey! Especially in these uncertain days, meditation can give you the opportunity to slow down your mind and take time for yourself.

Mediation does not come easy to many, it takes practice and these daily exercises are great for those who have never meditated to those who grew up meditating.

The meditations with the mantra help bring the wandering mind back to centeredness and each day one grows with practice.

Since I believe there is more than enough for everyone, I am grateful to have this incredible opportunity to share a “21 Days of Abundance” meditation practice with you. I could not think of a more perfect time in our lifetime to source abundance individually and collectively, and it is an honour to have you here.

This is one of Deepak Chopra’s most powerful “21 Day Meditations” and it’s meant to support you in cultivating the habit of abundance. The tasks are shared exactly as provided by the program.

The goal is to get you to know yourself better and change, or clarify, your beliefs and attitudes.If you chose to join, we will work together to open the flow of abundance by committing to a 21-day practice. As you may already know, studies show it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

Participating in this practice will also support you in realizing your blocks, fears and limiting beliefs in the area of abundance.

As we realize these blocks, we can then actively work to heal them by opening up an infinite source of abundance.

Every day there will be:

✅ A published task

✅ An affirmation of the day

✅ A Deepak Chopra meditation audio file

If you’re still into it and want to take this journey with me, Awesome!! Keep on reading, there’s so much more! If this doesn’t resonate with you, no worries at all, I get it.

🙏 To those of you that wish to stay………

Here’s to an incredible journey of Gratitude, Growth, Abundance & Joy!



⭐ 10 minutes for the meditation at a convenient time, morning, noon or night!

⭐15-30 minutes to complete the task of the day. You can break up the time spent on each task if you wish. But I asked that each task is completed before moving on to the next. The program will officially start TOMORROW with June 7th, being Day 1. I will post a task and meditation each day for you to complete.

Today, you have one simple task of actively OPTING IN.

Here are the detailed instructions for the group and our journey together


This is not about me, it’s about all of us creating abundance, growth and gratitude.

HOUSEKEEPING RULES: Friends, please read this post carefully; it contains all of the rules of our journey: 21 days of Abundance

⭐This meditation practice is 21 days long.

⭐Today, Sunday, June 6th is Day 0 – the meditations start Monday, June 7th


1. Get a journal to dedicate solely to this practice.

2. After the publication of the daily task, you have 24 hours to complete it.

3. If in the task you need to write or draw something, do so by hand, with a pen or pencil in your dedicated notebook. It doesn’t have to be perfect, draw to your own comprehension.

4. Before you write, come to a calm state, using slow, deep breathing or meditation. Ideally, you will complete the task after Deepak Chopra’s meditation.

5. Please send any questions in a private message to me.

6. Be fully focused on the daily task; allocate time and space for it.

7. If you cannot participate, or keep the rhythm of the program, please consider removing yourself from the group with compassion and no judgment. Make this decision on your own. It is important for us to maintain the flow so that the energy input into this process does not dissipate.

8. After completing the daily task, please ONLY write the completion statement.For example, “Day 1 Done” as a confirmation for all of you. There may be days in which I will ask you to leave other comments.

9. If the work no longer resonates with you, please simply remove yourself from the group…again with compassion and no judgment.

✨You may consider turning off notifications for this group.This process is an opportunity to learn how to allocate time for yourself and your development every day. Have an awesome adventure!

✨ DAY 0 PHRASE: “Starting today, I constantly attract abundance with my thoughts.”

Write this phrase in your notebook and return to it several times; the more the better. Mahatma Gandhi taught us to remember that our thoughts generate words; words generate actions; actions generate habits; habits generate character, and character breeds destiny.

Get ready for a transformational experience! 🙏

21 Day Mindful Meditation for Growth, Gratitude and Abundance

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi 🧘‍♀️

I started meditating a little over 15 years ago, after being introduced to the practice by a friend. I really enjoyed it because it was so beneficial for me at the time. However, I’ll be the first to confess that like a lot of things in my life it was pushed to the back burner. But thankfully after about a years of being off the wagon, last year I found my way back again because I strongly believe, “Ask and you shall receive!” When I started on this 21 Day Meditation journey last year, I felt a shift in my consciousness. The key is to keep an open heart and mind, let go of your limitations, no matter what you’re going through, believe that all will be well and find that magic inside of you! I’m excited to see where your journey takes you. 💕

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Connecting With Our Emotions

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
~Oscar Wilde

I have always been able to keep my emotions in check, I dislike crying because it gives me a headache, I especially don’t like that sullen feeling of sadness because it bruises the soul and hangs like a dark cloud overhead. You don’t know if the rain of tears is going to flow to a trickle or if there’ll be a thunderstorm. Unless you can claw yourself free from its temporary state of despair,  emotions can sometimes paralyze, trapping us in a vacuum of fear and doubt.  I can honestly say that for me, they make no sense because our emotions never do what we want them to do.  We try to suppress the tears but they come anyway. We try to suppress the love, grief, heartache but they still manage to express themselves even when you don’t want them to thus we are all slaves to our emotions.

This has not been an easy week, but there haven’t been many easy weeks since Cancer entered our lives back in February, it’s not the first time someone close to me has had to battle the disease but it still leaves me in a tailspin because it’s never easy seeing someone you love suffer through the treatments of the disease and dear I say, it’s not fair on either side. Not fair for the sufferer or the family having to watch it all unfold. This time it really feels like the straw that’s breaking the camel’s back. Most days it’s a struggle to keep my emotions in check as it has become an uphill battle of trying to maintain a work/ life balance and trying to keep up the appearances that all is well while my emotions are boiling just underneath trying to claw themselves out. What I’ve learned in these past few months is that even if you know what to do to keep yourself going, there are moments when the mind and body become so overwhelmed that everything we know that’s good for us, go out the window then everything starts to shut down and our emotions take over. A few times I’ve found myself overflowing in joy, gratitude, sorrow, sadness, love, fear, anger during the most inconvenient! Bu through it all I’m grateful.

Why do we need emotions that leaves us so vulnerable and raw? I come to the harsh reality that our emotions may not always make sense but they’re necessary and that they help us in ways we don’t always understand.  They help us to survive by forcing us to take action in situations that would otherwise pose a danger to our well-being. Emotions also work to help us understand those around us and help them understand us. They can’t be reasoned with, they won’t submit to logic and they our emotions are what makes us human, all we can do it rationalise our situation and determined the best response for the situation or situations we’re faced with.


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Recognising Your Self-Worth and Value

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“Your worth is determined by you, not the judgmental measuring cups of a fickle world.”
Katie St. Claire

Self-love and Self-care have both become quite popular in the circles of Self- Help. Not to be neglected, two words that are often used interchangeable to describe how we feel about ourselves, are  Self-worth and Self-value, they reflect how we look at our worth and how much we value ourselves.  To have Self-worth  means to value one’s self. Self-value is a behavioural response to how worthy you think you are. There’s not a huge difference between their meaning and they can both be used to generalize the concept of  how we see our selves and how we project ourselves to others.  People who often know a person’s worth tend to use it to their advantage, by exploiting that person’s abilities.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exists but rarely would you will find someone, whether it’s an employer, a partner or family who will value your self-worth and honor you for that.  If you do find people who hold you to the highest esteem, cherish them.


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Even The Best Laid Plans Fall Apart

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The best laid plans, even the ones perfectly sketched and ready for print, are sometimes scribbled over. Be prepared, with extra paper and pencils, so you can start your drawing over again.
Christine E. Szymanski

This week someone reminded me that even the best laid plans fall apart, the key is not to fall a part with them. But I knew this! So why do I still rise to a vibration of falling completely asunder when plans fail? It’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to find all the hacks and tricks to help you to achieve something, then human mature steps in and we allow frustration to anchor us in that moment of defeat and disappointment. Not to discourage you, but as I was reminded, even with a plan, success is not guaranteed and though you maybe aware of this, each time a things don’t go as plan our nature is to pause, question our motives and wallow in defeat. The great news is, you really don’t need a grandiose plan to succeed in anything. All you need is the motivation to hit the restart button on that goal you’ve set out for yourself when plans fail.

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Simple Essentials That Can Promote Happiness

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“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.”
~Audrey Hepburn

It’s said that in life we need just three things to be happy, money, a job that brings contentment and someone to love. If you ask a room full of people what brings them happiness, you will get more than those three things but they will no doubt be at the top of the list because people often them with happiness. There are many roads to happiness and recognising these without falling into the trap of shallow happiness is sometimes complicated. Think back to a time when you felt true happiness and let that guide you to finding that again.

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