The Connection Between Self-Sabotage and the Mother Wound

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Self-sabotage is when we are excited about a goal, but we unconsciously create obstacles that directly prevent that the achievement of that goal.

For some women, being big, visible and powerful may unconsciously feel like a betrayal of their mothers and to relieve this unconscious guilt, they self-sabotage. 

The connection between the Mother Wound and self-sabotage is rather complex. I’ll do my best to elucidate this connection in this blog article. (I suggest grabbing a cup of tea and sitting in a comfy chair. This is a long article!)

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Wonderful Wednesday-Are You Having A Quarter Life Crisis?


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For the third year in a row, Bustle’s Upstart Awards are honoring young women who are doing incredible things in the realms of business, STEM, fashion and beauty, the arts, philanthropy, and beyond. Want to be an Upstarts honoree one day? Read on for career tips, insights, and inspiration to help get you there.

Many millennials will be familiar with the trope of a mid-life crisis: somebody in middle age who is feeling trapped and stagnant, and who reacts to that feeling by adopting radical new behavior, from moving jobs to buying a Jaguar, in pursuit of a better experience. Too young for a mid-life crisis, more and more millennials are experiencing a “quarter-life crisis” in college or post-graduation between the ages of 25 and 35. Are we all just weak-minded and unable to handle the pressures of the adult world? No, says science. The reason we’re experiencing this actually has a lot more to do with socioeconomic and demographic changes, high-pressure expectations, and how millennials relate to one another.

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Wonderful Wednesday-People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Actually Geniuses

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“If I were my peach smoothie body butter, where would I be?” I say to no one while I search for my favorite lotion. Then: “Aha! Here you are. You rolled under my bed.”

I talk to myself a lot. And I don’t mean only in the privacy of my own home. I talk to myself while I’m walking down the street, when I’m in my office or when I’m shopping.

Thinking out loud helps me materialize what I’m thinking about. It helps me make sense of things.

It also makes me look insane. Crazy people talk to themselves, right? They’re conversing with the voices inside their heads. If you’re yammering on to nobody, everyone thinks you’re a mental patient.

I’m sure many people have seen me wandering down the streets of NYC and thought, “The crack addiction is strong with that one.”

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Wonderful Wednesday-How to Retrain Your Mind to Love Your Body…



When you look at your body in the mirror, where do your eyes go first? Odds are, your gaze goes straight to your “trouble spots”—the places you’d love to change, if only you had the time, the money or the energy.

Maybe you straighten your spine, fluff your hair or use your hands to smooth your stomach. Or maybe you grunt and criticize yourself for a moment. Why can’t you just look…better. 

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Wonderful Wednesday-Setting Boundaries Is Essential To Your Empowerment


There is so much to say about boundaries and how foundational they are for our sense of self. In this post, I’ll focus mainly on the relationship between our self-worth and our ability to set healthy boundaries effectively.

Without firm boundaries, we can easily become “merged” or enmeshed with others, causing us to emotionally caretake, be overly responsible, or neglect our own needs. When boundaries are too rigid we isolate ourselves and push others away.

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Wonderful Wednesday-Overcoming Loneliness When You Live Alone


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Since moving to Scotland I found that a lot of people both old and young are living alone, some by choice, some because they’re estranged from their families. With the holidays quickly approaching, I found this insightful article on living alone.

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Meaningful Monday-How The World Is Changing Around Us


Most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening.

A few months ago, I freed myself from standard-procedure society. I broke the chains of fear that kept me locked up into the system. Since then, I see the world from a different perspective: the one that everything is going through change and that most of us are unaware of that.

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This is Napoleon Hill’s most ignored secret to success


Napoleon Hill’s The Path to Personal Power focuses on one of the most neglected steps in the life coach’s famous program of success — and one that he personally described as critical to the workability of his overall approach: the formation of a Master Mind group.

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Calling All Photographers: Here’s A Great Opportunity To Be Published



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Three Things I Learned from Teaching Happiness


Emiliana Simon-Thomas shares the key truths about happiness that are most meaningful to learners.

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