One Week To Do Anything!


The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. ~Saint Augustine
Found this article and thought it really interesting, I’ve had the “if you had a day to do anything, what would it be,” question tossed at me more than once.

But here they’re giving people an entire week. Which I think is fantastic; because how much can you do in a day? That takes a lot of thought and planning for 24hrs. But to have a week, you have some time to play with, think, plan your escape.

Here they’ve asked four people………….

Inquiring Photographer If you had a week to do anything in the world what would you do?

Mackenzie Goings, of Sidney. “I would like to go on vacation to Alaska. They do a lot of off the grid living. I would like to do that. A week would be perfect.”

Samantha Piatt, of Sidney. “I think I would go to the Bahamas. I always wanted to go to the Bahamas. I went there once on a cruise. It was beautiful and I always wanted to go back.

Bri Oen, of Anna. “Of course it would be to go on vacation to an island, all inclusive, with my family.”

Tareena Bladen, of Sidney. I would take me and the kids to Paris and just relax. See the sights.
All four ladies said that they would travel if they had a week to do anything in the world; your week of activities doesn’t necessarily have to include travel, though travel is good.  I’d like to take a week off and fly back home (Bahamas) or visit Alaska, but I’m sure I can find stuff to do just around the house that would probably take me a week to do. So for those trips I’d probably need a few weeks or a month  😉
 Now it’s your turn…..What would you do if you had a week to do anything in the world?

22 thoughts on “One Week To Do Anything!

  1. I would go to see the Vietnam Veterans’ wall. I would go see the 911 museum. I would go to Bethlehem and I would go to Calvary. I’m not very “good” anymore but I don’t know how anybody could look on Calvary and not feel changed.

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    1. Now that would be an emotional trip. I’ve visited the Vietnam Veteran’s Wall, but have never been to the other places you’d like to visit.

      I truly hope you are awarded the opportunity to visit those places 🙂


    1. Now that sounds adventurous. Reminds me of the Old West. I’ve always wanted to visit one of those Western Themed parks. I did visit one in Belgium, could you believe that? Belgium of all places. But it wasn’t the same. 😉

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