Feel Good Friday- Keeping Everything In Perspective



“The word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.”~ Carl Jung

Just two more sleeps til Christmas, then after the countdown to the New Year begins. At this very moment as you’re reading this blog, what would you say can be more positive about your life right now? What do you wish you could wave a magic wand and turn around? This time of year I’m always a flood of emotions reminiscing about the past Christmases. I’d be lying if I say there isn’t sometimes a moment of sadness, reflecting on those who are no longer here to share the holidays with us. Then I quickly switch to more delightful thoughts of when they were here to share this joyous season with us.


The thing about sadness is, it’s just a feeling and like all feelings, it sneaks up on you. You can choose to hold on to it or you can choose to release it. I often choose to let it sting my heart a bit, then let it go. Just a reminder that life isn’t always peaches and cream.

If you’re going through some sort of sadness right now, you can choose to hold on to that feeling or you can exchange it for something positive. You can choose to smile at some silly little thing you’ve done or experienced! A smile is a gift you give to the world and the best one you can give yourself. If you’ve seen the movie “Inside Out,” you pretty much know how your emotions work and the effects they have on your body. While I’m saddened by not having Christmas the way it used to be, I always find a reason to smile because I don’t let the somberness settle in my soul.


You’re probably thinking, “what if I’m depressed or have nothing to be happy or cheery about because my life is the pits?”


Sadness is a part of life, I’m not saying you can exclude it completely from your life, I’m saying don’t choose it as a long term emotional state. Don’t allow it to consume you, keep everything in perspective, shifting your perspective when needed, your happiness depends on it. When things don’t happen the way you planned, don’t feel like you’ve been left empty handed, you may not have all that you desire, but you have everything that you need in this moment-Enjoy it, find the positive in it and anticipant all the good things to come with each passing day.


~Happy Friday

©Etta D. Richards


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