“You will never enjoy the lights on the horizon if you keep making excuses about not being able to swim. Build a sailboat and explore the world.”  ~Etta D. Richards

Here we are, enjoying the last Wednesday of 2016. Social Media is in a frenzy with all the “hope 2017 is better than 2016” memes and jokes, but there is no BAD year, only bad experiences. What you do in those twelve moths you’re given each year gives some bearing on who you are as individuals and a direct reflection of the life you’re living. Every living thing has a beginning and an end, our species celebrate the beginning of life and mourn it’s ending. But what we do in between is the most important part of living and there are very few celebrations because they are said to be reserved for special occasions like retirement, weddings, personal achievements or success, without these events, there’s no cause to celebrate.

If you think there’s nothing worth celebrating in your life, then you’re right!
If you think no one likes you, they probably don’t!
If you think the odds are against you, they probably are!

Whatever you see the world as it will become. This Christmas Scotland was belted by two storms, the last of which hit a few days ago, in my area we didn’t get heavy snow but did get 60-60 mph winds and rain for days on end. On top of that, daughter #2 came down with a heavy cold the day after her school finished up for the holidays. Did it dampen our holiday spirits? NO! I cooked, we ate, then ate some more. Then continued our holiday movies line up. My point is, there are no bad days, just bad attitudes. I’ll admit, there was some disappointment in not having a white Christmas and the relentless rain didn’t make it any easier for walking the dog.

The point I’m always trying to make is, stop looking at everything the wrong way. Stop using negative energy to fuel your life, instead use the positive energy, trust me it’s a lot cheaper. Don’t wish each year was better than the last, make it better and in turn, make yourself better.


~Happy Wednesday

~Etta D. Richards

6 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday-Why Next Year Will Never Be Your Best Year

  1. Every year has ups and downs. Sometimes we bring old baggage into the new year and expect it to be “the best year ever.” That’s just foolish. If you want a different result, you definitely have to do things differently starting now instead of waiting until the new year.

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