How Creating A Rainbow Mindset Can Change Your Life

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Rainbows are full of love, peace, dreams & hopes.
~Anthony T.Hincks

Looking around my neighbourhood I can see many photos and handpainted posters of Rainbows stuck to windows, a wonderful tribute to all the hardworking men and woman of our  National Health Service.  Rainbows are a symbol of peace and a promise that all will be well.  They’re often visible after a storm when that first light breaks through those dark clouds signifying that the storm is over.  They may have a different meaning to different people, some folklore says there’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, some see rainbows the same way they see shooting stars, cross your fingers, make a wish and that wish will come true but for the most part, rainbows are a symbol of hope!

Whatever your beliefs are, rainbows evoke within all of us a feeling of serenity and with its multi hues, diversity. Rainbows just make us feel ‘some kinda way,’ they bring joy to our lives and hope in knowing that we’ve made it through the storm. However, when life becomes overwhelming and there are no rainbows in sight, like my neighbours, sometimes you have to create your own rainbow by kicking it in gear and getting into that rainbow mindset through identifying what feeling or feelings a rainbow awakens you!  What belief have you attached that to rainbows?

Do they evoke a feeling of serenity?

Do they evoke a feeling of peace?

Do they evoke a sense of spirituality?

Once you’ve decided what they bring to your life, you can move on to finding that metaphoric pot of gold at the end of your storm. For me, rainbows evoke all of these things, a sense of serenity, peace, spirituality and diversity because the many colours of a rainbow can also represent the many layers of my, family, work, my dreams and aspiration, my fears, my goals and my passion for life are all represented in each prism.  One might say I’m constantly living that rainbow mindset where I see something good in every situation, I’m always expecting to find that pot of gold at the end of each storm. I know right now weathering the storm may be your top priority because we all at some point will be directly or indirectly be impacted by this virus but don’t get too caught up in the storm that you forget to enjoy the many colours of the rainbow!



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